BBSI partners with you to gain an understanding of your business and your goals. 

You will be paired with a dedicated team that will provide expertise in: 

Human Resources Consulting
Risk & Safety Management
Payroll Administration
Workers' Compensation

Our team will work side by side with you and your business to proactively identify risks and deliver smart, efficient solutions with the goal of making you a better business.





Solutions you can trust:

Human Resource Consulting: Maximizing Profitability

Your success is directly related to the quality of your employees. Your HR professional will provide the knowledge and tools you need to make - and keep - good hires, through strong culture and effective process. We provide the guidance you need to run an efficient, profitable organization.

risk & safety management: Minimizing Risk

Risk mitigation is a team effort that begins with hiring the right people, but prevention and safety play a central role. Our on-site risk management takes a preventive approach. When incidents do occur, we will work with you to identify the cause and recommend adjustments to prevent further incidents.

payroll administration: Local Support

Payroll accuracy can make a difference to bottom line profitability. Your Payroll Specialist will assist in interpreting and applying payroll and benefit laws, regulations, and policies; will resolve payroll issues and recommend solutions; will research payroll and benefit record keeping issues and perform appropriate action as needed; will assist clients with payroll processing issues; and can assist in the development of new procedures as needed.

workers' compENSATION: Claim Management

BBSI HR and Risk Consultants help manage your claims from the first report of injury. Our first priority is to attend to the injured worker, provide quality care, and return them to work as soon as possible. As a team we work with you, the employee, physicians, and claims adjusters to minimize costs and close claims efficiently and effectively. Everyone's goal is to return a healthy employee back into the workplace with the least disruption and greatest results.

who we are

BBSI Central Coast is committed to driving results for your business. You can expect to work with a dedicated team of business professionals with expertise in Human Resource Consulting, Risk & Safety Management, Payroll Administration, and Workers' Compensation.


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Risk & Safety Services

about bbsi

BBSI was founded by an entrepreneur driven to provide valuable business services at a reasonable price. By staying true to the core company principles — to deliver what was promised, when it was promised with respect — BBSI has built strong relationships with both customers and employees.

We work with over 5,000 companies daily, but manage to keep business personal. How do we do it? With solutions we know, because we've used them on ourselves, and a philosophy of success that demands teamwork.

In business since 1951, we've learned our lessons, and used the insight we have gained to become a 5 billion-dollar company. Now we draw on our own hard-won experience to help companies of all shapes and sizes move forward toward their goals.


BBSI Central Coast is committed to driving results for your business. You can expect to work with a dedicated team of business professionals with expertise in Human Resources Consulting, Risk & Safety Management, and Payroll Administration.

Jeremy Griffin

Griffin Plumbing

"I have been super impressed with everyone on the team at BBSI Central Coast.  Since meeting them I have learned so much regarding Risk & Safety, making sure we have the right documents, and have learned the right way of doing things for our business."

Kevin Bohner

Bohner Construction, Inc.

"We have had the pleasure of workng with BBSI, since 2015. Our initial goal was to relieve our company of the tedious task of performing payroll. As the relationship developed, we came to understand and appreciate the full capabilities of BBSI services including Human Resources, Payroll to Safety and Risk Management."   

"In addition to all the benefits that BBSI provides, the real benefit is the relationship that has been established between us and the staff at BBSI. I can’t say enough about the level of knowledge, sophistication and professional behavior that has been shown to us in working with the people at BBSI. You can depend on them to answer all your questions and work with you in areas where you may need assistance, quickly and efficiently. It has been our pleasure to have BBSI as part of our business success, they are and have been a most valuable resource."

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